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Shanghai Yamei Labellings Co., Ltd.(Shanghai Yamei), acting as the guider in Internet Plus of the accessories in garment industry and the trailblazer in smart labels, always upholds the business concepts of being ‘concentrating, perfect, international and fast’. And now research and development (R&D), and manufacture are taking the core parts of the whole business operation. Meanwhile, the sales department is taking an active action in expanding the market and finding high-quality customers.

Till now, Shanghai Yamei has already established sites in Shanghai, Jiaxing, etc. Our products, and also our services are offered all around the world, including Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa.

The simple product, but the high accuracy rate in production boosts our confidence in business, and the application in Internet Plus is one of the best practice.

Shanghai Yamei has already started to implement electronic commerce with the help of internet technology in 2002, which greatly promoted the development of our business.

With the continuous promotion, the varieties new ideas came out and the constant expanding of the market, Shanghai Yamei is stepping into a new world of SMART LABELS this year, in 2016. And such as these applications which entirely rely on the Internet of Things is believed to be able to bring enormous changes to the corporation in the near future.

Shanghai Yamei Labellings Co., Ltd.
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